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Reefer Logistics

Reefer logistics

We live for the art of moving.

Temperature controlled trailers (reefers) are ideal for perishable, temperature-sensitive goods that require specific temperature and moisture conditions.

We maintain a high-quality fleet of approximately 40 temperature-controlled trailers. As a result, we can meet the demands of all our customers. Designed with state-of-the-art cooling units, you have the assurance of your delivery arriving on-time and in pristine condition.

Compared to other refrigerated transport companies, we offer a unique benefit. Before we put drivers to work, they must complete specialized training. Even if they’ve transported goods for years, we want to make sure they’re knowledgeable about hauling frozen, fresh, and other temperature-controlled products. After all, one bad load could be enough to devastate a business.

Another reason for choosing us over other refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario is that we have GPS tracking on all our trucks. That way, our dispatchers know the driver’s location at any given time. This also helps us spearhead any problems that might arise.

Reefer logistics

Leading Refrigerated Trucking Company

What makes this service so dependable is that we provide fully integrated warehousing, transportation and distribution options for your fresh refrigerated and frozen food products.

With our headquarters, we provide an advantageous location that is close to ports and rails. Our beneficial location allows us to ensure goods are quickly received and stored in our large refrigerated warehouse network.